Hatfield Rallies McCoys to Benefit Twin Cities Youth

Craig Pratt - Minneapolis St. Paul Hatfield and McCoys Fundraising Event

Craig Pratt

In 2009, Twin Cities sales executive Craig Pratt invited a small group of “high tech” sales pros to a year-end gathering. He included current and former colleagues, employees, professional alliances and industry friends. Among those at the meet-up were former business allies who had become direct competitors and industry rivals. Craig quickly discovered that he was indeed a “Hatfield” surrounded by “McCoys”. The Minneapolis/St. Paul Hatfield and McCoys were thus convened. A mission launched.

Fast forward to the 5th Annual Hatfield and McCoys fundraising event held on December 1, 2014 at the Brunswick Zone XL in Eden Prairie, MN. Founded and organized by Craig Pratt and supported by high-tech/IT community leaders, the annual event has continually expanded its fundraising power. More than 150 people participated and over $29,000 was raised for Genesys Works – Twin Cities, with smaller donations to the Hatfield and McCoys/Genesys Works Alumni College Scholarship Fund [$3,000], Children’s Hospitals & Clinics of Minnesota and The Sanneh Foundation [$750 each].

Craig Pratt - Jeff Tollefson - Hatfield and McCoys / Genesys Works

Hatfield and McCoys Fundraiser 2014

More than $21,000 was raised by auctioning lunches with Chief Information Officers and Vice Presidents from Genesys Works corporate sponsors. Nearly $5,000 was raised from the Hatfield and McCoys Razoo site and another $3,000+ was collected at the door.

Donations, raffles, auctions, food, drink and fellowship abounded as high tech/IT leaders, sales professionals, colleagues, partners, allies, competitors, rivals and sponsors banded together to help make an extraordinary opportunity possible for hundreds of Twin Cities young people.

Craig Pratt thanked everyone who contributed: “Words can’t begin to describe my appreciation for your efforts… This is the 5th year we’ve gotten together as a group… What started in 2009 as a small group get together has now morphed into the best High Tech… [charity] event of the year… a true community event!”

More about Genesys Works – Twin Cities

In their 7th year in the Twin Cities, Genesys Works has trained 764 high school students with plans to recruit more than 300 more aspiring students for 2015. A full 100% of Genesys Works students graduate high school on time and are accepted into college. 97% of these students go on to enroll in college.

Join MSP Hatfield and McCoys

There is still time to be part of the 2014 Hatfield and McCoys Fundraiser make a donation nowJoin the MSP Hatfield and McCoys LinkedIn Group to receive information on the 2015 Hatfield and McCoys event, and more. Follow @msphatmccoys on Twitter.

Hatfield and McCoys has set a fundraising goal for 2015 at $40,000+. Join with us and make a difference for young people in the Twin Cities.



Are You the Best Executive Recruiter in Minnesota?

I intend to hire a Managing Director at Deare Search Partners in 2014. This isn’t a role I need to fill immediately. It’s a role that will remain open for the right person.

Knowing our business pretty well after 15+ years, it didn’t take long to think through the most important skill, experience and attribute bullets. Ideally, I’m looking for:

  1. A 7+ year recruiting professional with highly successful experience in sales recruiting, executive search and corporate recruiting
  2. A best-practices, high integrity recruiting practitioner with the highest level of skill in contemporary sourcing and recruiting methodology
  3. An influential and inspiring communicator/wordsmith capable of landing a clearly differentiated message
  4. A relationship magician

I drafted a broader Job Description. I’m discussing the role and exploring fit/mutual interest with a few highly talented people here in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. As I continue to think about the skills, experiences and attributes most important to success in this role, there is no question in my mind that the most important factor is:


Ultimately, the right person for our Managing Director role is someone for whom the “
Hedgehog Concept” applies, as adapted below for an individual recruiter.

Deare Search Partners Minneapolis - Hedgehog Concept for Recruiters based on Jim Collins Good to Great Hedgehog concept















The right person will have a genuine, palpable passion for attracting and compelling elusive, rare and exceptional talent on behalf of our clients. Linked to this passion will be a commitment to being the very best game-changing agent for our clients’ businesses. Our Managing Director will have an equal passion for helping top-performing business professionals leverage their successful experience and reach their career goals.

The role carries a full duality. The individual contribution and clear success in full-cycle recruitment is most important initially. The management aspect of the role will evolve and increase over time.

While there are significant team leadership responsibilities, this isn’t a role for an accomplished recruiter seeking to sunset their hands-on recruiting practice in favor of managing people and process. It’s not a role for someone looking to dabble in all things peripheral to the action in the recruiting and business production trenches. This a role for a passionate recruiting professional still striving to be the best executive recruiter in Minnesota.

Greater yet, this is an opportunity for an exceptional recruiting talent and natural leader to join with a highly specialized team of like-minded search professionals in the quest to provide the very best level of sales and executive recruitment service ever conceived.

If this is you, let’s talk.



Genesys Works – Breaking Through the Barrier

Genesys Works brings life changing career opportunities to economically disadvantaged high school students. Between their junior and senior year, high-potential students are provided with technical and professional skills training then placed into paid internships with companies like General Mills, Target, Land O’ Lakes, Medtronic, Thomson Reuters, Toro, U.S. Bank, 3M, Wells Fargo, Valspar, Allianz, Ecolab and many more. These remarkable young people receive major company work experience, career planning, a breakthrough perspective and a pathway to an exciting future.

Genesys Works from Allegra Downtown St. Paul on Vimeo.

Genesys Works Twin Cities MN - Bridging the gap





Craig Pratt and Nick Hernandez present a check for $8100 to Genesys Works at MSP Hatfield and McCoys

People leading the local cause

Recent local events in support
Mobcon 2013
Craig Pratt – MSP Hatfield and McCoys pic.twitter.com/MeWhhcfehR

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Minnesota’s Top Sales Talent Offers 3 Traits of Top Salespeople

Just a few page flips into The Mackay MBA of Selling in the Real World, Minnesota sales and business legend Harvey Mackay offers his 3-line description of a “great” sales pro.

Quoting “If I had to name only three traits that make a great sales representative, they would be:

hungry fighter,
hungry fighter and

hungry fighter.”

Amazon’s “Look Inside” airs the full list of great sales pro traits as a preview. If you are hiring salespeople, the list is as good a brief summary of necessary candidate attributes as you are likely to find in one place. If you are developing in the sales profession, the list contains most of traits you will likely aspire to. While I am tempted to suggest an additional trait or two, like “methodical” or “process driven”, these may just as well fit as subtext to the “Goalsetter” or “Preparation” [planning] traits.

About the book
Minnesota sales professional and sales management guru Harvey Mackay

Two Harvey Mackay titles pulled from my shelf. That’s a slightly yellowing dust jacket on a First Edition copy of “Swim With The Sharks”.

Published in 2011, The Mackay MBA of Selling in the Real World is a powerful compilation of writings packed into 82 snippets [chapters], each ending with a “Mackay’s Moral”.   The chapters fall under 7 major sections/themes such as “SETBACKS”, “CONNECT” and “EXCEL” which are each capped by “Fortune Cookies” [one-liners, wisdom bits and quotes]. An “AFTERTHOUGHTS” section isn’t the least of the powerful content.

To the middle-range and senior level sales pro, the book is a back-to-the-basics refresher of foundational motivation, general business/sales principles and wisdom from a legendary, highly talented sales thinker. For someone new to the sales profession, this is must-read-digest-and-employ primer. It is packed with practical ideas, advice, quips, quotes, motivational pumps, attitude development bits, anecdotes and more. It is a picker-upper, a get-up-stand-up-and-give-it-all-you’ve-got-after-you’ve-been-knocked-down self direction
and self management bible. If you are looking for a “How To”
methodology or a strategic/tactical guide, this is not the book.

Practical or inspirational gems appear on literally [and I don’t use that term loosely] every one of the 325 pages. I stopped highlighting after quickly realizing that this a book of highlights. Harvey Mackay compiled what may be the core of his lifetime sales thinking into one contemporary, relevant, interesting, fun to read volume. Put this one on your reading list.

About Harvey Mackay

Harvey Mackay is an inducted member of the prestigious Horatio Alger Association of Distinguished Americans in the company of other rare and exceptional people like Dwight D. Eisenhower, Ronald Reagan, Bob Hope and Oprah Winfrey. Lou Holtz has described him as “… the most talented man I have met”. Born in Minnesota in 1932, Mr. Mackay bought a failing envelope company at the age of 26. He began hiring salespeople in Minnesota before many of today’s senior sales professionals and sales executives were even born. His success story is legendary. His sales wisdom is as relevant today as it was when he published Swim with the Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive in 1988.

Talent Redefines What Is Possible

The proliferation of data [a.k.a. Big Data] has created an urgent demand for bigger storage on smaller devices. IBM Research announced recently that it has developed the capability to store a single bit of data in just 12 atoms. The previous minimum storage space for a data bit? 1,000,000 atoms.

Remember Moore’s Law?

The implications are astounding

According to project leader Dr. Andreas Heinrich, the storage capacity implications could mean you could have EVERY movie EVER produced on your iPhone. See quote on Wikipedia.

12 atoms?

To help us non-nanotech Ph.D.s get our heads around this the IBM Almaden Research Center together with its advertising partner Ogilvy and Mather produced the world’s smallest movie, aptly named “A Boy and His Atom“.

Keep in mind as you watch that to see an atom it must be magnified more than 100 million times.



The talent assembled to make this happen and expand this technology initiative includes over 500 researchers, more than half of whom have Ph.D.s., and include the highest level of science and technology talent in the IBM system. The location of the Almaden Center itself was chosen in part due to its proximity to the talent and facilities at Stanford and Berkeley.