Search Firm Definition

What is a Search Firm?

A search firm [also commonly referred to as “executive search firm”, “executive recruiting firm”, “headhunting firm” or “recruiting firm”] is a professional recruiting services provider hired by strong, competitive and fast growing companies to acquire talent meeting specific requirements for critical open positions. Often specialized and highly networked in one or more areas of expertise, a search firm employs a rigorous form of candidate identification, assessment and selection. Search firms are in constant pursuit of individuals matching the specifications of engaged search assignments and professionals fitting talent profiles relevant to the firm’s areas of recruiting specialization.

Search firms are comprised mainly of professional recruiters, researchers and service support staff. Recruiters associated with search firms are sometimes called “executive recruiters”, “executive search consultants”, “headhunters” or “talent acquisition consultants”. The very best professional recruiters in search firms are hired specifically to identify levels of currently employed (“embedded”) talent considered to be inaccessible or unreachable.

One traditional way to describe how search firms operate is:

Search Firms find people for jobs, not jobs for people.

Different from generalist staffing agencies, employment agencies, career counselors, career managers, out-placement and executive placement agencies, search firms focus on acquiring individuals meeting the specific requirements of their corporate clients.

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