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Similarities and Differences Among Search Firms in Minnesota

Thank you for your interest in Deare Search Partners. If you are new to working with a specialized search firm, a clear understanding of the nuances involved in the prospective candidate/search firm relationship may help you connect and communicate more effectively. We hope the information and explanations below are helpful to you.

What We Do

We are a retained and contingent search firm specializing in sales and executive recruitment. Our clients range in size from global Fortune 100 companies to venture capital backed start-ups. Our work is focused on identifying talented individuals possessing the experience and skills required by our corporate clients for specific roles. We work directly with our corporate clients to identify, assess and select prospective candidates meeting specific talent profiles.

Because we are engaged in client-directed search assignments in the executive search business model, we are pressed with urgency and placement deadlines. Many requirements are not only business critical but extremely time sensitive. Our corporate client commitments require us to dedicate our focus to the identification of individuals meeting the specific selection requirements of engaged searches.

Unlike an employment, placement or career counseling agency we do not provide job search services, resume development, career advice or placement services for job seekers or career changers. We hope to have a search in progress that represents a a strong fit between your experience, skill and interests and our clients’ selection criteria. If not, that right-fit search could be engaged at any moment. Making a meaningful connection now will help prepare us both for that moment.

How to Reach Us and Get Noticed as a Potential Candidate

As a prospective candidate, the best way to make contact, make an inquiry or express your interest in a specific opportunity is to send your resume or make a confidential inquiry via email or make a LinkedIn connection. A cover letter or professional introduction with a brief statement of your career interests or interest in a specific position, relevant information and a link to an online profile is always a plus. Your information will be protected with 100% confidentiality. We will never share or disclose your information to anyone without your knowledge and permission.

In order to establish or build your visibility with us, consider doing the following at the time you make initial contact:
Connect with us individually on LinkedIn [ex. connect with Rick Deare]
Follow our LinkedIn Company Page
Like our Facebook Page
Follow us on Twitter [ex. follow Rick Deare] [ex. follow DEARE]
Revisit our Career Opportunities page and contact us if you meet our clients’ selection requirements for a specific role

Review some tips on how to establish a relationship with a search firm recruiter for more information.

What We Can Do For You

For more than 18 years, we have been privileged to take part in the career-defining moves of many exceptional sales professionals, managers, executives, technology leaders,  human resources professionals and more. Making a connection and establishing visibility is the logical starting point.

We are a source of immediate career opportunities

Review our engaged search assignments on our Career Opportunities page. If you have an interest in a role[s] and you meet the position requirements, make contact with us right away and we will discuss the role[s] with you immediately.

We are a source of future career opportunities

If we do not have an immediate opportunity relevant to your experience, keep in mind that a newly engaged right-fit search could occur at any moment. Make the connection.

We can help you expand your network

You may not be actively seeking opportunities today but you may be looking to expand your network as part of your career management strategy or a longer term effort to gain career leverage. After emailing your resume or introductory bio to us, connect with us on LinkedIn. We are among the most connected business people in Minneapolis and the U.S. You may notice a significant expansion of your network after making a connection with one of our professional recruiters. Follow us on Twitter and follow our LinkedIn Company Page. Like us on Facebook. Comment on our Blog articles and add our blog and other communications to your RSS feed.

We provide access to professional resources

See our Candidate Resources Page

Learn more about what DEARE can do for you

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions and How to Establish a Working Relationship with a Search Firm pages.

As one of the top specialized search and recruiting firms in Minnesota, we are privileged to have worked with many of the finest companies and exceptionally talented people in Minneapolis, St. Paul, Minnesota, the Midwest and across the country. We look forward to making a connection with you and discovering how we may be able to involve you in current searches or future opportunities.