The Deare Difference

Your success in building a talent-based/talent powered organization starts with:

Consistently Hiring The Right People

In a crowded and competitive marketplace like we have here in the Twin Cities, the challenge of hiring high-performing revenue catalysts has become overwhelming for most high-growth companies. Posting a job on the web is a weak proposition, even for those just trying to reach marginal job seekers. For companies attempting to build and optimize a talent-based organization, the challenges are starting to feel insurmountable.

Recruiting top performers is an entirely different process than posting jobs and screening the best available job jumpers. Building a talent-based organization involves direct, long-term engagement with the talent community relevant to your hiring need. To recruit the right people you need an internal or external solution to communicate directly with them.

We are experienced talent acquisition professionals capable of reaching far beyond the job-seeker-filled recruiting channels used by most employers and employment agencies. We identify, engage, compel and attract the top performers you need to hire, now. We have earned our reputation as a leading Minnesota search firm by consistently delivering top marketplace talent for our Clients. We find and recruit the difference-makers that most consider to be untouchable.

Connections, Relationships, Access and Insight
Whether you are looking to hire sales executives, or salespeople, our active in-market relationships transcend “connections”. Our relationships are deep, long-term, and based on mutual respect and interest. We enjoy the kind of direct access to top level marketplace talent that only a search firm of the highest long-term reputation can earn. The insight we bring to both our clients and candidates is the result of the up-to-date knowledge, market awareness, business acumen and experience we have compounded over many years of intensely focused work.  Partnering closely with our clients, we make the daunting task of hiring salespeople and key executives seem easy.

Experts in reaching embedded talent
Most recruiters have difficulty or reluctance in accessing and compelling currently employed, high performing talent. They are not able to effectively reach embedded top-performers and passive opportunity seekers. Most recruiters are only capable of posting a job description to a job board and fielding applicants, hoping the right candidate will emerge. We understand that direct recruiting is a labor intensive process but we believe it is the most effective way to reach embedded talent.

Recruiting the best possible candidate vs. processing the most accessible applicant
Hiring the right people starts with recruiting the right people. Our entire working method is based on the identification and extraction of top marketplace talent within our niche areas of expertise. As experts in our field, we are branded as professional “headhunters”. We don’t just understand the difference between the best possible candidate and the most accessible applicant, we built our reputation on our ability to make the distinction.

Earning our reputation everyday
We are hard working professional sales headhunters in Minneapolis and St. Paul with a reputation for having unrivaled access to exceptional, embedded and difficult to acquire sales and sales leadership/executive talent. Among executive headhunters in MN, we have become one of the most recommended specialized executive search firms in the Twin Cities because we engage directly and communicate with a level of credibility that few recruiting firms can equal. Our passion and commitment is to astonish our clients with our ability to identify, access, attract, compel and hire top performing business professionals.

Casting a wide net in National Executive Search and Sales Recruitment
We are one of the most accomplished teams of executive recruiters and sales recruiters in Minnesota. Our Minneapolis St. Paul recruiters and our Maryland sales recruiter teams have achieved successes in Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, Washington D.C., Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Oregon, Washington and more.