Resources for Clients of DEARE Search Partners

Recruiting, Hiring, Talent Management and Leadership Development

Recommendations and other useful recruiting, hiring, talent management and leadership development resources by Category:

Recommended Books and Other Published Works
Good To Great
First, Break All the Rules
The Challenger Sale
Topgrading for Sales
It’s Not the How or the What but the Who
Great People Decisions
Who: The “A” Method for Hiring
To Sell is Human
The Power of Habit

PreEmployment Testing / Sales Aptitude Testing
OutMatch (formerly SalesMax) – consultative sales assessment tool
Sales Drive – sales assessment product focused on competitiveness, need for achievement and optimism
TTI Success Insights – measures the five dimensions that contribute to superior performance
Caliper – measures personality traits associated with job performance
PEAC System – simple but effective pre-employment sales assessment
Keirsey Temperment Sorter – 70 question personality assessment

Talent Management and Leadership Development Assessments
StrengthsFinder – discover talent and develop strengths
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator – a basic understanding of personality type and what it means
DiSC – do-it-yourself assessment, training and development tools