Search Firm Fees - Retained, Contingency, Exclusive Contingency, Contract Recruiting

Fees and Working Relationships

There is nothing more important to us than our working relationship with you. We understand that our relationship with you will facilitate our recruiting efforts on your behalf and shorten the distance to hiring the right people. As your search firm we represent you, your company and the opportunity you offer to the talent community. We take this responsibility very seriously and pride ourselves in being the very best in the market at professional client representation.

Search Fee Options:

No fees are due until you hire our candidates. If you prefer a risk-free search relationship and your search does not involve confidentiality, sensitivity, a high degree of complexity or the exclusive focus of a search firm, the contingency fee structure may be your preference. While there are obvious advantages and disadvantages to the contingency fee approach, it is the best option for you if you do not require or expect a single search firm to land the result on your behalf.  Especially suited for filling mid-level positions or roles having a base salary less than $100,0000, contingency search provides you with a flexible, low risk/low commitment approach to utilizing us as your recruiting partner. As your contingent search partner, we are certainly committed to providing you with exceptional service and to successfully completing the recruiting assignment.

Exclusive Contingency
Exclusive contingency recruiting [sometimes referred to as “retingent” or “container” search] is a logical and attractive combination of both contingency and retained fee structures. This working relationship is strongly recommended when you prefer a contractually committed and fully engaged search relationship but you do not want to commit to a fully retained search fee structure. The exclusive contingency fee structure involves an engagement fee and a high degree of mutual commitment to the successful search result. The balance of the fee becomes due after the candidate begins employment.

Retained executive search is recommended for your most important, most committed, confidential or difficult recruiting efforts. The retained recruiting relationship brings your company and our firm into an exclusive partnership in a critical executive recruiting assignment. Retained search, sometimes referred to as “retainer search” is an exclusive working relationship involving a contract and payment of fees at regular intervals during the course of the search project. A retained search involves estimating a total fee, then dividing the fee into equal parts payable at agreed intervals during the search process. Retained search a contract for services and the highest level of mutual commitment to a successful search result.

Contract recruiting is recommended when you have multiple positions to fill against a time line objective. Typically a short term (3-6 month) assignment, a contract recruiting effort involving a dedicated contract recruiter[s] provided on-site at your office or off-site at ours. There is no limit to the term and it would not be unusual for a contract assignment to last in excess of 2 years.  Contract recruiting services typically involve billing at an hourly rate.

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