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Your Minnesota Search Firm Partner

If you are a prospective client, thank you for your interest in discovering our sales recruitment and executive search services. It is both a privilege and a thrill for us to learn more about your business and explore how we can help you hire exceptional talent for your business critical positions. If you are a current client, thank you for our working relationship and for choosing us as your partner in acquiring exceptional talent.

Since 1998, we have combined marketplace intelligence with diligence and rigor to provide our clients with the best candidates they will ever meet. We partner closely with some of the most exciting companies in the world, helping to build talent-powered sales organizations with brilliant executive leadership. With even more knowledge, skill, experience, energy and passion than ever before, we are thrilled to be playing an increasingly important role in acquiring exceptional talent for the fastest growing businesses in Minnesota.

Engaging the Right Search Partner

When you engage a search firm to assist with critical hires you expect to work with specialized, highly skilled and experienced recruitment professionals capable of identifying the very best right-fit candidates. You expect your search partner to:

  • possess deep expertise, market knowledge and competitive intelligence in your industry
  • specialize in recruiting for the specific function in search
  • immediately leverage an established, relevant network of powerful business contacts
  • work with a professional direct search methodology that supersedes generalist agency tactics
  • provide professional, trusted, executive-caliber representation
  • compel and attract embedded talent via directly engaged, professional conversations

We have the expertise, specialization, contacts, methodology and professional influence necessary to identify, qualify and select the exceptional sales professionals, executives and other talent critical to your business.

Defining “The Right People”

The most popular talent assessment and talent management method used by high growth companies involves the careful identification of top performers, adequate performers and poor performers using a simple A, B and C ranking.  While there are some differences between talent assessment philosophies, most experienced leaders agree that “the right people” consistently rank in the top 10% to 20% of their job function. These top performers are commonly referred to as “A players”.

Identifying the Right People

When recruiting and hiring, you will focus on identifying candidates whose competencies, performance history and compensation requirements meet your hiring criteria. The person representing the best potential hire is not likely to be actively pursuing a new opportunity during the course of your search. Statistically speaking, the right hire is unlikely to respond to job postings and will not respond to most recruiter solicitations. Because the individual you need to hire is highly likely to be currently employed, successful, well-compensated and generally satisfied with their employer, he/she is not visible as a prospective candidate and not easily accessed by recruiting agencies re-running your job posting.

By leveraging our professional approach and our labor intensive direct-access process, we are able to easily identify and communicate with the embedded talent most employers and recruiting firms consider to be inaccessible. We reach and compel the relevant, successful and currently employed professionals you are most interested in hiring.

Hiring the Right People

“… great employees possess near perfection in each of these seven areas… competency, capability, compatibility, commitment, character, culture and compensation.”  –Alan E. Hall

The quote is one of the best distillations of A player attributes we have ever encountered. It comes from an experienced hiring executive/leader/entrepreneur/student of business and is stated in 7 words: [competency, capability, compatibility, commitment, character, culture and compensation] and matches closely with the assessment method that has made Deare Search Partners one of the top executive search firms in Minnesota since 1998. Understanding that selecting the right people involves much more than simply identifying a strong performer is a good start to adopting an interviewing and hiring rigor that will result in hiring the right people.