Are You the Best Executive Recruiter in Minnesota?

I intend to hire a Managing Director at Deare Search Partners in 2014. This isn’t a role I need to fill immediately. It’s a role that will remain open for the right person.

Knowing our business pretty well after 15+ years, it didn’t take long to think through the most important skill, experience and attribute bullets. Ideally, I’m looking for:

  1. A 7+ year recruiting professional with highly successful experience in sales recruiting, executive search and corporate recruiting
  2. A best-practices, high integrity recruiting practitioner with the highest level of skill in contemporary sourcing and recruiting methodology
  3. An influential and inspiring communicator/wordsmith capable of landing a clearly differentiated message
  4. A relationship magician

I drafted a broaderĀ Job Description. I’m discussing the role and exploring fit/mutual interest with a few highly talented people here in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. As I continue to think about the skills, experiences and attributes most important to success in this role, there is no question in my mind that the most important factor is:


Ultimately, the right person for our Managing Director role is someone for whom the “
Hedgehog Concept” applies, as adapted below for an individual recruiter.

Deare Search Partners Minneapolis - Hedgehog Concept for Recruiters based on Jim Collins Good to Great Hedgehog concept















The right person will have a genuine, palpable passion for attracting and compelling elusive, rare and exceptional talent on behalf of our clients. Linked to this passion will be a commitment to being the very best game-changing agent for our clients’ businesses. Our Managing Director will have an equal passion for helping top-performing business professionals leverage their successful experience and reach their career goals.

The role carries a full duality. The individual contribution and clear success in full-cycle recruitment is most important initially. The management aspect of the role will evolve and increase over time.

While there are significant team leadership responsibilities, this isn’t a role for an accomplished recruiter seeking to sunset their hands-on recruiting practice in favor of managing people and process. It’s not a role for someone looking to dabble in all things peripheral to the action in the recruiting and business production trenches. This a role for a passionate recruiting professional still striving to be the best executive recruiter in Minnesota.

Greater yet, this is an opportunity for an exceptional recruiting talent and natural leader to join with a highly specialized team of like-minded search professionals in the quest to provide the very best level of sales and executive recruitment service ever conceived.

If this is you, let’s talk.