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The Most Recommended Sales Recruiters in Minneapolis

For more than 20 years, we have studied the competencies, capabilities, character attributes and drivers that clearly differentiate business-to-business sales professionals and leaders. We have invested in research, recruiting methodology, top-level networking, assessment methodology, technology, systems and process to ensure that we know these people and maintain a consistent position of contact with them to make sure we are able to meet even the most challenging sales and leadership search requirements.

At the core of our powerful recruiting capability is a precise methodology and a rigorous process. We developed our PinPoint Search™ methodology to guide our pursuit, identification and evaluation of sales and executive talent. The PinPoint process involves a formalized standard of interviewing with a deep assessment of experience, skills, performance history, behaviors, motivators, work ethic, core values and methods. Our sales recruitment method supports a rigorous and precise recruiting and selection process.

From the beginning we have worked hard to become the very best technology sales recruiters, general sales recruiters and executive search professionals in Minnesota and to earn the recommendations and referrals of senior company leadership. We have worked very hard to become the most referred and recommended sales recruiting specialists in Minneapolis, MN. Deare is recognized as one of the top executive and sales recruiting firms in Minnesota. We have earned our reputation through hard work, smart methodology and an unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional candidates for our clients. We are proud to say that our work has profoundly accelerated revenue growth in some of the largest and fastest growing companies in the Twin Cities and across the country.

Finding the Best-of-the-Best Sales Professionals

The best possible candidate will likely be currently employed, in a state of consistent success and not actively looking to make a change. In order to identify and acquire top performers, hard work and investment is required in advance of the hiring need. We do the hard work necessary to identify exceptional, embedded marketplace talent. We are in constant pursuit of the A-players- the difference makers and game changers that every sales organization needs and ever sales executive covets.

We do the labor intensive and time consuming work necessary to create marketplace visibility, professional connections, communications and relationships with exceptional sales performers in a broad range of industry segments. We take great pride in our continued commitment to being the hardest working professional sales recruiters in the business.

The key to our success and reputation can be found in:

  • our research, recruiting methodology, assessment methodology, technology, systems and rigorous process
  • our hard work, commitment and persistence

What Does a “Top” Sales Professional “Look” Like?

Some of the attributes common among top sales professionals include:

  • Likeability, presence
  • Highly credible with the knowledge, skill, preparedness and relationship savvy that establishes trust quickly
  • Professional with the experience and presence that inspires confidence, establishes interest and influences action
  • Consultative and collaborative business partner and trusted advisor capable of developing deep, meaningful client relationships
  • Expert in knowledge products and/or services
  • Brilliant, courageous communicator
  • Talented presenter capable of inspiring interest and action in one-on-one or one-to-many situations
  • Expert listener capable of asking the right questions, asking the difficult questions, probing to accurately discover client needs, wants and desires
  • Problem solver adept at resolving challenges, problems and concerns and creating satisfactory outcomes
  • Problem finder capable of leveraging a broad body of expertise to anticipate problems and construct solutions
  • Meets challenges
  • Savvy marketer capable of leveraging modern communications and collateral via multiple and mass channels
  • Process/technology savvy user of customer relationship management [CRM] tools and business facilitators such as
  • Believes in, and is passionate about, products and/or services
  • Driven
  • Professionally assertive and persistent
  • Evangelist, interest initiator, demand creator, need generator, difference maker, game changer
  • Well informed market expert, leveraging market and competitive intelligence to gain competitive advantage
  • High energy, high activity producer
  • Information processor capable of collecting, managing and effectively using huge amounts of information
  • Highly adaptable, creative innovative thinkers capable of adjusting to changing demands of customers, shifting market conditions and competitive threats
  • Organized, self managed
  • Ability to take on the perspective of the client
  • Always has client’s best interest in mind

Our Sales and Sales Leadership Placements by Title Include:

Account Manager, National Account Manager, Account Executive, Account Representative, Business Development Manager, Business Development Representative, Channel Sales Manager, Sales Executive, Sales Representative, Sales Associate, Sales Engineer, Inside Sales, Sales Support Specialist, District Sales Manager, Regional Sales Manager, Area Sales Director, Director of Sales, Director of Sales Operations, Vice President of Sales, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Regional Vice President of Sales, Divisional Vice President of Sales, Senior Vice President of Sales, General Manager, President, COO


Since 1998, many of the largest, fastest growing and most competitive companies in MN and the U.S. turn to Deare to acquire top executive, management, sales, marketing, human resources and other professionals. Our clients include:

  • Fortune 500 and other large corporations
  • Medium sized companies
  • Small, high growth/high potential companies
  • Start-ups [private equity and venture capital backed], joint ventures and partnership formations

Industry Expertise

IT Services, IT Solutions, IT Consulting, Information Technology Consulting, Healthcare IT, Technology Sales, Management Consulting, Business Consulting, Professional Services, Digital Marketing Consulting, Technical Services, Scientific Services, Engineering Services, Technology Services, Information Technology, Emerging Technology, Digital Technology, Cloud Technology, IT Infrastructure, Business Services, General Staffing Industry, IT Staffing, Recruiting and Staffing, Human Resources, Talent Management, Learning Management Systems, Computer Software, Software as a Service SaaS, Enterprise Software, ERP Software, Talent Management Software, Big Data, Data Science, Computer Hardware, Hardware as a Service, IT Security, Internet, eCommerce, Internet of Things, Value Added Resellers, VAR, Consumer Electronics, Consumer Products, Medical Technology, Medical Device, Medical Equipment, Biotechnology, Engineering, Communications, Public Relations, Marketing, Digital Marketing, Marketing Technology, Advertising, Telecommunications, Wireless, Mobile, Mobility Solutions, Mobile Applications, Manufacturing, Manufacturer Representatives, Education, Education Services, Food, Grocery, Energy, Renewable Energy, Wind Energy, Healthcare, Health Services, Managed Care, Government, Military, Hotel, Travel, Hospitality, Retail, Wholesale, Merchandising, Distribution, Logistics, Finance, Insurance, Legal, Media, Printing, Publishing, New Media, Social Media, Digital Media, Commercial Real Estate, Construction, Building Materials, Banking