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Ranked Among the Best Executive Search Firms in Minneapolis, MN

We are a Minneapolis, MN based executive search firm specializing in the recruitment and placement of sales professionals and a wide range of executives. We are highly specialized sales recruiters and executive recruiters with market leading capabilities in the recruitment, assessment, selection and acquisition of exceptional talent. Our success is rooted in the development of powerful best-practices recruiting capabilities, an unwavering commitment to professionalism at each step of our process and an obsession with providing the very best possible experience for our clients and candidates. Review our placements

90% Recommended, Referred and Repeat Business

When we started our firm in 1998, we made it our mission to become the most recognized and trusted name in sales recruiting and executive search in Minneapolis. Since that time, we have grown to become one of the most recognized and trusted executive search firms in Minneapolis, St. Paul, Minnesota and the Midwest. Our reputation as a leading Twin Cities recruiting firm is the result of 15+ years of consistent success in acquiring exceptional talent for our clients. We identify, attract, compel and acquire the high performing difference-makers that seem to be untouchable. Since 2008, more than 90% of our business has come to us as the direct result of 1) a new client making contact with us after receiving an executive recommendation or referral or 2) a current or former client requesting a new search.

A New and Different Path

In 1998, we observed that most search firms and recruiting agencies in Minneapolis operated exactly the same way. Remarkably, they still do. They still require their recruiters to spend a large part of their time selling [finding new clients and new searches] only then to recruit candidates for the search assignments they acquire. Given the labor intensive effort required to recruit and acquire the right people for existing search assignments, it is not probable that most recruiters caught in the sell/recruit duality can reliably deliver exceptional candidates.

With a vision of creating a level of recruiting capability that would meet the needs of the hiring manager, we took a different path – a new path. We understood that our clients needed a powerful and committed search partner capable of dedicating the effort necessary to reach embedded talent. Our ability to dedicate the investment, people, resources and time to reach the best possible candidates rather than the best available applicants has made all the difference.

We formed DEARE Search Partners around the following differentiators:

  1. Professional Recruiters vs. “Agency” Recruiters:  Our powerful recruiting methodology and executive perspective contrasts sharply with typical “agency” recruiting.  We don’t “sell” candidates; we identify and qualitatively evaluate prospective candidates. We don’t collect resumes; we discover talent.
  2. Searching vs. PostingWe take the concept of search seriously. We proactively and directly engage talented prospective candidates in well-developed, compelling conversations relevant to specific opportunities.
  3. Recruiting vs. Selling:  Our recruiters are dedicated to the identification, recruitment and acquisition of exceptional candidates matching our clients’ selection criteria. We don’t require our recruiters to look for new business.
  4. Focus on Building Capability vs. Focus on Trying to Build Business:  Our focus is on building our recruiting capability and expanding our access and influence within the talent community. Unlike agency recruiters, we are not prospecting for new clients or “marketing” candidate resumes.
  5. Specialized vs. Generalist: We are focused on sales and executive search and are committed to being known by the talent community.
  6. Expertise vs. Mechanized Function:  We are committed to continuous learning, driving deep levels of expertise in our core areas of focus and becoming the best in the search profession.

We Are Still On That Path, and Leading the Way

We are the search partner behind some of the most prominent local, regional and even national business growth stories happening right now. Our specialized recruiting capabilities, depth of professional relationships and precision methodologies have earned the trust of some of the fastest growing companies in the U.S.

Our ability to compel and attract top performing sales and executive talent is unsurpassed. Our proprietary PinPoint Search™ methodology, supported by our PinPoint Scorecard™ and PinPoint Selection Matrix™ are the razor’s edge of precision tools designed to meet the hiring needs of today’s best companies.

Even search firms and other third party staffing firms across the country turn to DEARE to attract their internal sales and executive talent. We are advisers to some of the largest staffing firms in the U.S. Other local search firms, recruiting agencies and staffing firms recommend DEARE as the #1 specialist in sales and executive recruiting in Minnesota.

Our recent placements include: sales professionals, managers, executives, technology leaders, human resources and marketing visionaries. Our team of sales recruiters, executive recruiters, technology leadership recruiters, human resources recruiters and recruiting solutions professionals are absolutely committed to helping our exceptional clients hire exactly the right people.