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Do your anticipated hiring needs require you to think about a strategic recruiting solution? To meet the challenge of making multiple hires for business critical positions, you may need to consider the following options:

  1. Hire a full-time recruiter or team of recruiters
  2. Bring aboard one or more on-site contract recruiters or a full on-site project team for a specified term
  3. Outsource your recruiting project [large or small] for a specified time period or to accomplish a specific statement of work

We Solve Recruiting Problems

Without limitations in size or scope of company or project, we are prepared to provide our clients with customized and rightly scaled recruiting projects, specialized contract recruiters, talent acquisition solutions and any relevant resources needed to make your local, regional and national hiring goals a reality. Our contract and project recruiting services range from recruiting department augmentation to full business process outsourcing.

Our contract, project and consulting resources
We offer contract recruiters, talent acquisition consultants, executive recruitment consultants, sourcing specialists, corporate recruiters, human resources consultants and other contract or contract-to-hire staffing professionals.

On-site contract recruiters in Minneapolis, St. Paul, Twin Cities, MN
Corporate recruiters in MinnesotaOff-site/virtual recruiters anywhere in the U.S.

Contract and Project Recruiting Examples:

  • Long-term project [14months] for a Minneapolis, MN Fortune 100 retail corporation: Engaged an on-site team of 7 DEARE contract recruiters in direct support of 4 corporate departments with critical hiring need and mass hiring initiatives. Recruited Sr. Management, Sr. Financial Analysts, Buyers, Marketing Executives, Product Managers, Human Resources and Customer Support Executives.
  • Long term project [18months] for a Twin Cities, Minnesota Fortune 500 consumer goods corporation: Engaged an on-site team of 4 DEARE contract recruiters to augment the corporate recruiting department and work directly with hiring managers on critical open job requisitions.  Recruited Sales, Marketing, Manufacturing, Engineering, Information Systems, Finance, Logistics, Quality Assurance and research & development professionals.
  • Short-term project [6 months] for an Phoenix, Arizona based large educational company: Utilized an off-site team of 2 DEARE contract recruiters acting as the primary national recruiting team for business critical positions. Recruited salespeople in Minnesota, Maryland, New York, New Jersey, Virginia, Florida, Ohio, Texas, New Mexico, California, Oregon, Washington and Wyoming.