DEARE PinPoint Search Methodology is a unique, proprietary portfolio of methodologies and process which drive an effective recruiting and candidate assessment

PinPoint Search Methodology


Pinpoint executive search and sales recruiter process




PinPoint Search™ methodology is a comprehensive candidate identification and selection methodology developed by DEARE. Crafted and improved over a span of more than 15 years, PinPoint Search™ is a proprietary, best-practices based approach to the discovery and acquisition of high performing business talent. Our methodology guides the initial recognition of potential right fit candidates and provides the framework for candidate assessment in a way specific to our clients’ selection criteria, preferences and cultural needs.

The PinPoint Search™ methodology is comprised of:

PinPoint Position Specification™
PinPoint Search Key™
PinPoint Scorecard™
PinPoint Candidate Profile™
PinPoint Referencing™

The job description is a starting point in most first level discussions with our clients. Our PinPoint Position Specification™ is essentially a “job description on steroids”. While containing all of the basic information found on most job descriptions, the PinPoint Position Specification™ nails specific skill requirements, experiences, attributes, values, attitudes, culture fit characteristics, and much more to ensure that all elements related to success in the role are examined.

Providing much more than just methodology and framework, our PinPoint Search Key™ is a guide and a quality assurance measure that manages the effort, progress and outcome of the search process. The Pinpoint Search Key™ guides:

  1. all aspects of the search strategy
  2. the specific tactical measures employed to ensure a successful outcome
  3. identification of prospective candidates matching the Position Specification

The PinPoint Scorecard™ is a comprehensive evaluation tool designed to select the right candidate or group of candidates. Essentially, the scorecard ensures the highest standard of candidate assessment during the qualifying, screening and interview process. The scorecard includes:

  1. key questions and methods of verification including fact-check and reference data
  2. evaluations of competency, capability and critical company culture fit attributes
  3. a performance evaluation involving comparison to peers, performance expectations and year to  year progress
  4. a measure of alignment with responsibilities and actual work description
  5. a measure of alignment with the experience and skill requirements
  6. a measure of alignment with the attributes, values, attitudes, culture fit characteristics, etc.

PinPoint Candidate Profile™ is a summary and analysis of information gathered in interviews and assessments.

PinPoint Referencing™ is our proprietary candidate referencing method. We believe our method to be the most unique and effective means by which to collect valuable and meaningful candidates references.

Rigorous, labor intensive and exacting, our methodology helps to ensure that you interview only the very best possible candidates and hire the right people.